this is why i slap.

This post is definitely a long time coming; I’ve been with Slap Nutrition as a sponsored athlete for over three years now and it’s been nothing less than one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences so far in my life. I know that probably sounds completely ludicrous because today, with all of the #belfies and selfies shelling out fifteen different supplement brands across social media platforms (and I’m not in any way judging here because I do it too lol guilty of the belfie y’all), it’s really hard to believe that there’s something below the surface of being “sponsored” or “affiliated” with a supplement company than making money and selling it to people. But I’ve learned – and hastily so – that Slap is so different. Yes, our supplements are completely natural, not sweetened or laden with chemicals or proprietary blends (read your labels, do your research on every ingredient that you see on your tub, you’d be surprised and also might want to barf about what some of the ingredients entail), they aren’t overly sweet (which can be an issue for some, but is easily overcome with some tongue rehab), and Slap supplements are extremely high-quality. But there is so much more than those already really cool frickin’ things behind this brand that I stand behind so confidently.


I’ll be the first to admit when I first saw Slap – it was actually on one of my good real-life friends’ Instagram pages – I was like actually what the f…udge is this? What is this hand thing that looks like it was designed in Microsoft Paint by a first grader in 1994?!?! You know, when The Oregon Trail game existed and computers resembled a very pregnant woman. But there’s plenty of reasoning behind our logo, as much as it pains me to look at as a designer on occasion (don’t worry, I was transparent to Jason how I feel, he doesn’t take offense, he just tells me something to do something NSFW). The Slap hand signifies that we are different, vastly different. Not only what goes on inside of our tubs, but outside of our tubs too. When Jason first created Slap, he was trying to live a healthier lifestyle and  get rid of what he calls his “neckburgers”, except every supplement he took gave him neckburgers in his stomach and also made him look like said 1994 computers. So thus came Slap, and from the very beginning he’s done things differently and still does; damn, do I have a lot of respect for this dude. He’s basically done every single thing in this brand from the shipping to the marketing since the beginning and I’m super grateful today to be able to help him out with the latter and other exciting things too that ultimately help us grow our customer base and make people genuinely happy with their purchase, their relationship with the brand and their lives in general. I don’t think there’s been any orders that Jason hasn’t personally signed himself, added little extra goodies to, or did something completely ridiculous to make someone’s day. Ever found a stick for your dog in a box of supplements? You won’t find these personal relationships with many other brands, really, when you hear “Slap Fam”, it’s a real thing and it’s so awesome. For me personally, as an athlete, Jason has given me complete freedom to post what I want about the brand, whenever I want and also has supported me in my endeavors in and out of the gym. I know that he’s given that to so many others as well. None of this flash-mob style posting has gone down at Slap, it’s refreshing in a world of overwhelming in-your-face posts on social media with several brands that I won’t mention out of respect for them and my friends who may be involved with them. I have the freedom to create ridiculous marketing ideas, labels and designs that help us grow, but also keep us in our own category in the supplement industry. Of course I use my Slap supplements every day and I definitely have my favorites, but I can honestly say there hasn’t been anything I haven’t liked before that we’ve made; I will say that our first version of Slapuccino Pre-Workout was a little hard to choke down at times because of the gelatinous texture, but we were able to fix that last year and it’s now precise, smooth and delicious. The same feedback I just gave was also an issue with our customers too, and that’s why Jason fixed it. There’s a heck of a lot that goes into a supplement company, and sadly in the world we live in, a lot of companies – not just supplement companies – are notorious for cutting corners to save money, cutting corners to hide things from their customers that may hinder  the purchase of said product, but with Slap, I stand behind a company that is completely transparent about every single ingredient, has nothing to hide, nothing proprietary, and oh, a real life human behind it all that will literally do anything in his power to make his customers – aka his Slap fam – happy and completely satisfied, whether it be with an order, a product or just in general. Not to mention that Jason is probably one of the most ridiculous and hilarious human beings I’ve ever met, I don’t think there’s been a day that’s gone by where I haven’t busted out in laughter because of his ridiculousness. He once told me that I had a large piece of furniture in my ass. I can’t find it, though. So I’ll keep you updated on that one.


 It’s been an awesome journey being a part of Slap Nutrition for these years and I can attest to the fact that yes, I’ve grown outside of the gym as explained above and learned a ton, but I’ve also religiously used these supplements day in and day out and they’ve never let me down, my body is physically the strongest it’s ever been. I am one slappy camper.


So, that’s why I Slap.


Oh, and here are my top 3 Slap products (this took me about 7 mins and 2 seconds of decision because I have commitment issues)…

Slappy Hour Mojito BCAA’s


Slappy Hour Sangria Creatine (I usually mix this + the BCAA powder pre-workout because I am currently not using caffeine)


SlapJacks! Protein Pancake Mix


As always, if you place an order, be sure to use my code MEGMO for a discount! Happy to answer any questions! And here are some recipe ideas if you need some!

xo Meg


this is living: a ramble about healing and such.

I always struggle on beginning a blog post. Typically I just decide to get fruity and start with my go-to “Hi, friends”, but I’ll work on that. Just kinda wanted to let the words flow freely today and write about my life currently; maybe some of you can relate, as humans we are meant to share our lives with one another and I’m super grateful to be able to share mine with you, so thanks for reading. Maybe grab a snack, make some hot chocolate, or a milkshake if you’re somewhere on the earth that’s experiencing non-tiddie-hardening weather right now. Please send sunshine and warmth.

Lately life has been really amazing. I know I’ve probably said that a thousand times, and I’m blessed to be able to admit that, I really, really am. In the past month I’ve gone through some pretty tough physical experiences (car accident that left me briefly in the hospital and a shard of wood went through my right foot last week…also landing me in urgent care). But through these physical experiences, my mentality, my spirituality and my soul has been so filled, albeit my blood and dignity a little empty at times, ha. Really, though, ever since I gave my heart to Jesus in August, I’ve developed a whole new way to see the world, to see my life and the lives of others and how I want to be a part of them. This life isn’t mine anymore, the energy I reap from this body I owe to others and owe to Jesus for saving me. I’ve spent quite a bit more time than I ever had reading the bible, really diving into learning about other people who walk with me and falling in love so hard with the relationships I’ve been able to attain and maintain so effortlessly in love and light. It’s no secret I’ve struggled in the past with an eating disorder and yeah, I still have my moments, my days and whatnot – pretty sure that’s normal for anyone with a history of disordered eating/anxiety/over-exercise (all of which I have openly struggled with and healed from, and am still healing from). I learned pretty swiftly a couple of years ago how my life was to be lived – on purpose, with purpose and responsibility. I had to stop stepping and rolling in my own crap, and yeah, it was as nasty as it sounds lol. You have to take responsibility for your life and give yourself the grace and mercy that Jesus has provided for you; accept your struggles, face them, walk in them but do not wallow in them, take responsibility for your purpose. For me, the biggest struggle of recovering from my bout with disordered eating, over-exercise and anxiety is just facing them and instead of asking God “Why me?” I must tell satan “Try me, (insert explicative here).” Because in this life there will be trials, my pastor always talks about how becoming a Christian doesn’t automatically mean that you’re crapping butterflies and rainbows, riding unicorns with your homeboy Jesus and eating sprinkled donuts. No, not at all. In fact, I think life has gotten harder. Harder yet more amazing, more fulfilling and more motivating to keep living this life and sharing it with others.


“We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair;  persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed. We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body.  For we who are alive are always being given over to death for Jesus’ sake, so that his life may also be revealed in our mortal body. So then, death is at work in us, but life is at work in you.” 2 Corinthians 4:8-12


Whenever I have my days when I just don’t feel quite right, I know satan is trying to pull me away from myself, from others and from Jesus, but I have to consciously and constantly remind myself that I am here on this earth for a purpose and I need to set a good example for others, be a light and be responsible with myself. Do I still feel guilty when I can’t make it to the gym? Absolutely. I was really tested at the beginning of the month with the car accident; that pulled me away from physical activity for a week (longer than I’ve taken off from exercise in a while), and also last week when I had stepped on that shard of wood, I was out of the gym for almost 5 days. But you know what? I was able to fill my time with other things, remain distracted and surround myself with my friends who I am incredibly grateful to have in my life. And I have Jesus to thank that my injuries were so minor when put in perspective, and I could laugh about them, even though injuries aren’t funny it was pretty entertaining to have cankles for a few days. I have a whole new appreciation for the gym, my body and it was proven to me that I am allowed to respect my body and rest, injured or not. I still have issues with food at times, not much lately, but things pop up. And my food babies, they pop up too. Bloat happens, farts happen, discomfort happens: welcome to the life of a human with a functioning digestive system.   I’ve been eating in a surplus consistently for about 3 months now (before I was eating “in a surplus” but not tracking, so there was definitely room for error and I’m sure I made lots of errors #human). I’ve put on a few pounds and I know my rational mind would love to put on a few more; I don’t own a scale and find it frustrating to play with the little teeter totter scale at the gym so weigh-ins happen maybe twice a month for me, otherwise, I just judge by the size of my butt in my pants. So I’ve been focused on not the food itself, but how it’s healing me, how awesome it is that I am able to afford good food and how it positively affects my performance in and out of the gym. I mean I obviously enjoy my food, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s fuel for me.  I sleep better, I perform better, I poop better, I squat better, I love better and I live better. I definitely  can’t give up my caffeinated beverages, though, that’s out of the question…I’ll take one white Monster please (or two if they’re 2/$4 at Wawa you feel me bro?). So I guess this is where I’m at recovery-wise. Yes, I do plan on competing again sometime next year, competing has always been fun for me as I’ve talked about before. For now, just focused on lifting heavy and living my life. Anxiety has gone down a ton too, I get it the most when I drive, but that’s a whole ‘nother topic for another day. Sometimes I just need to collect my marbles and calm my tits. Don’t we all?


Comments welcome as always.


Much love.


out-of-the-ordinary gifts for the extraordinary

First and foremost, it’s important to remember the real reason for the holiday season – before the gifts, sparkly things and self-inducing food babies after maybe a questionable amount of slices of pumpkin pie – it’s to celebrate Jesus and being saved as human beings, sinners and imperfect people given perfect grace in Him.

It’s a beautiful time to be with your family and friends and to remind them how much they mean to you, although we tend to do that year-round, it’s not always with an array of gifts. For some of us with to-gift lists that include some of the most heinously picky and extraordinary people, this might also include self-inflicting atomic wedgies out of sheer frustration. Spoiler alert: there’s no such thing as a perfect gift, but IMO, these are some things that I think are pretty darn cool and out-of-the-ordinary. Or you could just wrap yourself in Christmas lights (nude or with flame-retardant clothing) and show up at their doorstep. Never fails to surprise.

For the chick (or dude) who drops f-bombs in the shower at least 7 times (by the way, this list is totally biased)

Freakin’ SHOWER SQUIDS, y’all!


For the new Chipotle-loving parent

Have your burrito and coo at it, too, mama.


Genius, right?

For kids (and adults who wish they were kids) who just want to play in the sand without getting it in their buttcrack.

If you’ve never played with this stuff, omg you’re missing out.


For someone who loves baked goods and candles. And candles that look and smell like baked goods. It’s simple, really.

How effing cute.


For the dude who keeps you as warm as this will keep him.

If he’s a keeper, keep him warm in this.


For the friend you’ve shamelessly split a bottle of wine over a breakup with.

No, it’s not a dildo, but it will chill your wine.


For your gym buddy. And yep, you can use my code MEGMO for a discount on anything from

Gift cards, the SlapStage Pass, Sale Stacks. Stock up for yourself and for others, save money and save your friends from the chemical crapstorms in most supplements these days.

p.s. we offer gift wrapping now, too.


For the nomad.

Nuff said. Hammock them.


For someone who you spend a lot of time around. Let them spritz themselves with the best smelling nectar in the world. You’ll never get sick of the waif you get in their wake.

My recommendation? Dead Sexy.


For the coffee fiend. Who also likes coffee makers that aren’t ugly.

How gorgeous is this little dude?


For the friend who thinks she’s a unicorn. Don’t give me that look.

Make her bathtime an explosive, retina-burning party.

I might need one of these, too.


For your friend who actually has Narnia located in her purse.

Oh wait….that’s my purse.

Whatever, I can’t be the only one.


For the dude that needs constant entertainment.

Men are funny creatures. They’ve always gotta be playing with their balls.

Laugh if you want, this thing is genius.


For the friend who wants a face that’s softer than a baby’s bottom.

I’m serious…this stuff is literally a miracle. I’ve sworn by Alaffia products and what  they stand for for years, they’ve never failed me and this has become the holy grail of all things skincare.

The perfect gift for that gorgeous glow.


And last, but most certainly not least. For the person who dedicated Dinivyls “I Touch Myself” to you at the bar.

It happens, let’s not ever let them forget. 


So, now it’s your turn to tell me, what’s the best gift besides your love that you’re going to gift someone this year?

Suggestions welcome.


don’t use peppermint soap on your vag: an excerpt from my struggles with being a human.

Several years ago (and this is no secret to anyone now, or anyone back then who’d seen pictures of me that I had irresponsibly posted), I had struggled with overdoing it on the cardio machines and simultaneously losing too much weight which then spiraled into a full-blown, raging exercise addiction and path of self-destruction. I still to this day have to fight off demons that tell me I don’t do enough somedays, but more often than not, now, I am at peace with my life in that aspect with the occasional rotten thought that pops up (typically on my rest days or days when working out just isn’t in the cards for me). I also have some pretty damn cool people in my life that will absolutely call me out on my B.S. and give me a swift kick in the ass if need be, I know a lot of people can relate to this phenomenon of never doing enough or not being able to keep up with the mold that society is trying to fit us all in. Next time you’re in the checkout lane at the grocery store, check out the cover of about 70% of magazines – or better yet, don’t. If you do, be prepared to be brainwashed into thinking that the “Formula To 6-pack Abs” and saying “Goodbye to Your Love Handles” is the secret sauce to the perfect body thus the perfect life. Your body is the vessel for your soul, do you really think that trying to attain outward perfection will grant you a perfect life as well? Yeah, I definitely used to and there are still times I compare myself to others, it’s normal, it’s ok, it’s human. It wasn’t until I discovered that my reasons for working out back then were not my own, but something that I had assumed would give me satisfaction in all the wrong ways, that I began to heal. I literally want to grab these magazines that I see, roll them up and beat all of the inanimate objects within a 20-ft radius of me. On the other hand, I still read some of them for the fashion and beauty advice; I only wish Women’s Health Mag had told me sooner that peppermint soap does not belong anywhere around your vagina unless you’re trying to have an in-shower Miley Cyrus-style dance flash mob. Excuse me while I take advantage of that BOGO deal on fire extinguishers at ACE Hardware.   

The more and more I worked out and tried to control my body because it was the only thing – at that time – that I felt I COULD control, the more and more stressed out, manic, weak and defeated I felt. Both physically and mentally. Things in life that we can’t control aren’t going to magically work themselves out if we ignore them or (literally) run away from them. I began to let go of what was literally killing me and took the advice, love and support from the people in my life that deserved more of my energy, and stopped looking in the wrong places for ways to control my life. I had to take responsibility for my stressors instead of projecting them onto other things. Life is really effing hard sometimes, and even harder when you’re plastered with the highlight reel of others’ lives and seemingly perfect lives at that. Sorry, but they’re human just as much as I am, and I’m guilty of not realizing that sooner. I’m also guilty of shelling out advice and portraying exclusively the highlight reels of my life as well as being irresponsible in the way I shared my life. I don’t know what God has in store for me and the moment I let go of that desire to take constant control, humbling myself and admitting to my faults, things changed. You should never be embarrassed for struggling or dealing with life in a really screwed up way; we all do this at some point or another and this is ultimately how we strengthen ourselves, grow and learn not to suck so much. Humble yourself in front of God, admit your mistakes and move on. I’m not sharing this because I think I deal with my stress and life situations perfectly now, because I definitely don’t, I’m sharing this because I do still struggle and I know that others do too, but you are well-equipped with tactics to fight and strengthen yourself. Do not let your past hold you back. Let that be a place of reference, not presence.

At this moment in time – although I do plan on competing again in the future – my plans are simply to continue to explore myself and my body in terms of strength, confidence and fulfillment. Within the past year or so, a lot of things have changed in my life which has literally forced me to let go of a lot of things, including the control around my routine. I am grateful for this, my life is full and it’s exciting, but also makes me want to crap my pants at times, too. When I get into the gym, it’s typically for no longer than an hour and I do take 2-3 rest days a week depending on my schedule, sometimes more if I have a lot going on. I can post my workout split if anyone is interested, although I do share most of my lifts on Instagram. I sometimes ask myself how people I see on Instagram – or any social media for that matter – have as much time on their hands as they do to worry about such miniscule things as they do, or if they actually have five more hours in the day than I do lol; I have to also remember in those moments that its none of my business, really, and I should be grateful for the full, sometimes crazy life that I was blessed with, regardless of where I am being lead to place my energy.  Instead of getting frustrated and talking sh!t about them (as much as my sinful soul wants to), I pray for them because I know they need God just as much as I do. Remember that you were not put on this earth to attain a body so that you can “love yourself”, you were put on this earth to respect a body that houses your soul so that you can share it with others, love them and live on purpose. Life is a beautiful mess yo, share that goodness, all of it. Matthew 22:37-39.

Any input is welcome, as always!

ps seriously, I know you want to wash your vagina with peppermint soap now, because you’re a human and humans are curious. But please, just don’t.

oh, hey.

This post has been a long time coming; I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever (probably because I haven’t). I even gave up my old domain and have been itching to get it back, but I’m going to save myself some cash money right now and stick to the good ole OG WordPress here. I really don’t even know where to begin with this post, so I guess I’ll give a brief synopsis (that might be a lie) of what’s going on as of late and I can let you all decide what you’d like to hear about, or if I should keep a cork in it. I share nuggets of my life on Instagram, which I super enjoy doing, but not everyone is down to read or scroll through a novel of a damn caption which I tend to write more often than not, so I figure this blog will be a good outlet like it used to be for me to do spew my word vomit.

If you don’t know who I am, hi, I’m Meg. I’ve been blogging since 2008 when I was in my second year of college. I have since graduated (duh) and I am in denial that I am actually two months away from being 27 years old. I like to think of it as being 21 with 6 years’ experience, you feel me? Within the past year my life has been a whirlwind. Like, Missy Elliot definitely put my thang down, flipped it and reversed it. And yes, it was worth it. I was going through a really rough period of time almost  two years ago around this time, due to a job that I let rob me of my life (almost literally..) which I was open about and acknowledged how much I needed to get my sh!t back together. Shortly after, I was blindsided that January with a lay off. Yep, I got laid off from my job and it sucked as much as it sounds like it does lol. But honestly, I don’t look back in shame, because only a couple of months after that did I realize that it was without a doubt one of biggest blessings that’s ever happened to me in this life so far. I praise God every day for closing that door and opening up a thousand more for me. I started job hunting while simultaneously picking up hours at Whole Foods where I had already worked on the weekends for extra money and for enjoyment. I have my dad to thank for being incredibly supportive of me during this time and every moment of my life, really. I am blown away with the amount of love, guidance and intelligence that my dad possesses. I finally found a full time job and it made me realize how inauthentic I had let myself become. I made changes, sacrifices, took some really freaking hard feedback and finally took responsibility for my life. No more feeling sorry for myself, no more looking to the past to give an excuse for the way I was treating my body, myself and more importantly, the way I was treating others. You were put on this earth for a purpose, grab your life by the balls, homie, and start living that way. Allow yourself to see the world at a different angle, have perspective and count your damn blessings. The older I get, the more I realize how much material things do not matter. Genuine, loving relationships become the vibrant centerpiece of your life. I have an army of beautiful, sparkling and soul-rich friends and family that I’d be more than happy to show off and a passport full of stamps that I can speak many adventures and experiences to. I understand wanting to show off your material things, but how much does that really matter in the grand scheme of things? Are you going to reach out to your car or your fancy purse when you get laid off or are in a really emotionally tough situation? Are you going to rely on your six-pack abs to comfort you when you’re sick or a family member is sick? Sure, I love nice things on occasion and I do enjoy being proud of my body, but that pride has to have it’s limits.


Recently I’ve begun an even newer chapter in my life. In the beginning of the month I worked my last shift at my job and am now self-employed, I also moved into a brand new city and lit my first candle in my room today, big deal for me because I didn’t burn the house down. If anyone wants to bring me a prize for my accomplishment that’s cool. It was a huge jump for me to make, but the encouragement and growth that I’ve experienced at the job I left and outside of it in my social life has given me the courage and confidence to do so. I am at peace with my decision and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t so freaking excited about it and the experiences and lessons I’ll be learning. It’s kind of like diving into a pool for the first time; you know it’s going to be cold, but once you take the jump, pick your bathingsuit bottoms out of your asscrack, the water warms up and you can enjoy your little float. Anyways, brief synopsis was totally a lie. I’m going to stop here and I’ll venture on later.

Any post requests – throw em at me! I’ll ask on my Instagram as well. Anything ranging from fitness, to skin care, or just life stuff, I’m down to share. I am an open book. Talk to you soon!